Globe Trekker - Northern Spain

Globe Trekker - Northern Spain

Sixty million visitors come to Spain each year but most head for the tourist resorts in the south. Shilpa Mehta’s journey takes her through the less travelled north of the country.

Starting in Barcelona, Shilpa explores the city’s rich architecture and discovers Flamenco dancing in the street. Just outside Barcelona is the small town of Terrassa, where Shilpa watches a Catalan traditional event of building human castles.

From Terrassa Shilpa heads for Pamplona in the province of Navarra, where the annual Bull Run known as ‘El Encierro’ is taking place. Running alongside the bulls whilst they are herded through the streets is seen as a test of machismo, but participants risk serious injury and even death.

Shilpa hitches a lift north to San Sebastian,where she samples the tapas dish unique to theBasque region, known as pintxos. She then continues her journey to Asturias, where she explores the Somiedo National Reserve by mountain bike.

The next leg of Shilpa’s journey takes her to the heart of the country, Madrid. Just outside the city, she visits a school for young bullfighters, and picks up some of the skills required for the job.

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Globe Trekker - Northern Spain

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