Historic Walks - New York

Historic Walks - New York

New York’s skyline is world famous – and it’s punctuated by the silhouettes of some of the most iconic skyscrapers in the world. Host Chaka Foreman discovers you can actually fit, in chronological order, a nice collection of 20th century architectural wonders on a walk you can do in one afternoon.

Chaka starts at the Flatiron Building, the famously quirky shaped early 20th century skyscraper that bridges 2 eras of architectural design.

Chaka then moves on to the jazzy art deco Chrysler Building, and the Empire State Building – a popular superstar since its opening, making it one of the most beloved landmarks in the city.

Next stop, the Rockefeller Center, described as “New York’s town square” involving a whole complex of art deco buildings around the well-known “30 Rock”skyscraper.

Then finally, up to Park Avenue to study the Seagram Building and Lever House – 2 groundbreaking mid-century modern structures that would change the way the world looked at skyscrapers for decades to come.

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Historic Walks - New York

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