La Ruta Maya (Digital Download)

La Ruta Maya (Digital Download)

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Justine Shapiro starts her journey in Merida, Mexico, the capital of the Yucan peninsula where she visits the local market and samples the local delicacy åÕÌàÌ_å cow's stomachs stew. From Merida, Justine heads of the ruins of Chichen Itza and then on to the beautiful beach of Tulum on the Caribbean coast. The Maya Ruins of Tulum åÕÌàÌ_å Meaning the rising sun åÕÌàÌ_å are located on a small cliff facing east out to sea. Belize is one of the only English speaking countries in Latin America. It was first populated by Mayan Indians and later settled by English pirates and wood Dyers. Just a few Kilometres off the coast is the second largest coral reef in the world. After flying down the tiny idyllic beach resorts of Placentia, Justine goes scuba diving near a paradise islands in perfectly clear water full of dolphins. She also goes on a river trip to see the famous howler monkeys Inland to the highlands, Justine meets two Mennonite families åÕÌàÌ_å religious refugees from 18th Century Germany, Holland and Russia åÕÌàÌ_å who still spoke old German, before stopping off at the Mayan ruins of Caracol. More People lived in this ancient city than presently populated the whole of Belize. From Here, Justine takes the bus over the border to Guatemala. Her First stop åÕÌàÌ_å the Mayan ruins of Tikal åÕÌàÌ_å like Caracol, in the heart of the jungle, but much more touristy. After flying into the populated and rather ugly Guatemala City, Justine heads west to Lake Atitlan and Indian Villages surrounding the lake. She visits and indigenous painter goes to an Indian market at Nahuala and then heads on the Easter Celebrations in Antigua åÕÌàÌ_å hailed as the most spectacular in all Latin America. Justine's trip ends with her own personal adventure åÕÌàÌ_å climbing the spectacular active volcano of Pacaya

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La Ruta Maya (Digital Download)

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