Northeast Brazil (Digital Download)

Northeast Brazil (Digital Download)

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Ian Wright travels in the North East of Brazil, starting his journey in Salvador, the colonial capital of Bahia. Here he samples the famous Brazilian coffee, and participates in Capoeira - a traditional African martial art evolved by slaves into a combination of dance ballet and acrobatics. traveling into the interior of Brazil, Ian attends a Candomble ceremony, the fastest growing religious cult in Brazil. He also explores the stunning Chapada Diamantina National Park near Lencois. Ian flies to Recife where he chances upon a traditional wedding ceremony. It just so happens that he is invited to join in the festivities at the wedding of the great Brazilian football legend, Pele. traveling up the coast, Ian visits the multi-coloured sand hills of Morro Branco where intricate sand paintings are made. He joins in the party at a carnival in Fortaleza, and stops off at the isolated fishing village of Jericoacoara where he stays with a Brazilian family. The final leg of Ian's trip takes him to the mouth of the Amazon, and the port of Belem, where local food specialities are on sale at the thriving market.

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Northeast Brazil (Digital Download)

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