Zambia and Malawi (Digital Download)

Zambia and Malawi (Digital Download)

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Holly Morris travels to the heart of Central Africa to explore the spectacular countries of Malawi and Zambia.
Along the way:
She retraces two epic journeys that led Scottish explorer Dr David Livingstone to his most celebrated discoveries, Lake Malawi and the Victoria Falls. Holly's journey begins in Blantyre, named in honour of Livingstone's birthplace in Scotland. Following in Livingstone's footsteps, past large numbers of crocodiles, hippopotamuses, and other big game, Holly travels down the Shire River to Lake Malawi, where she goes diving to learn about the lake's remarkable and unique fish species. After hitchhiking to Monkey Bay, Holly takes the Ilala ferry 300 kilometres across the lake to remote Likoma Island. Here she visits the historic St Peter's Cathedral, which remarkably is about the same size as Winchester Cathedral in Britain, even though the population of Likoma is only 8000 or so. From Likoma Island, Holly flies on to neighbouring Zambia, home to the Victoria Falls and some of the best game parks in Africa. Starting her trip in Lusaka, Zambia's bustling and fast capital city, Holly then travels north to Zambia's economic heartland, the Copper Belt. Here she marvels at the scale of Africa's biggest open pit mining operation near Chingola, before heading onwards to visit the nearby Chimfunshi Wildlife Sanctuary, which cares for more than 100 orphaned chimpanzees. Holly travels on to go on walking safari in South Luangwa National Park, one of Africa's best game reserves, to witness the dramatic spectacle of elephants and other remarkable species thriving under protection in the wild. After witnessing the spectacular annual tribal celebrations of the local Kunda tribe near South Luangwa, Holly flies on to the town of Livingstone near the Victoria Falls. Here she visits the Livingstone Museum, dedicated to the famous Scottish explorer, where she gains privileged access to Livingstone's personal letters and belongings. From Livingstone Holly travels on an inflatable down the mighty Zambezi river, passing large numbers of hippos and other of Africa's most dramatic wildlife species, whilst braving fierce white water rapids which at times threaten to overturn the boat. Her final destination is Victoria Falls, one of the world's biggest waterfalls, is an awe-inspiring spectacle regarded as being one of the seven greatest natural wonders of the planet.

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Zambia and Malawi (Digital Download)

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